5 foolproof tips to prepare your terrace for the sunny days

Spring is here, and with it, the much-anticipated first rays of sunshine. It’s time to prepare your patio to beautifully welcome the summer season. Whether you have a small city patio or a vast outdoor space in the countryside, discover our 5 foolproof tips to freshen up your favorite relaxation spot.

1. Clean and renovate your facade and floor

After several months of winter, it is highly likely that your patio has suffered from the elements: rain, wind, snow… Before thinking about layout and decoration, the first step is therefore to clean your facade and your floor.

Cleaning the facade

To restore brightness to your exterior walls, do not hesitate to use soapy water and a stiff brush to remove traces of pollution and mold. If this proves insufficient, you may consider renting a karcher for a professional result.

Floor Renovation

Depending on the material that makes up your floor (concrete, wood, tile…), the treatment will be different. Be vigilant about the use of specific products, and do not hesitate to ask for advice in store to choose the appropriate product. Then, arm yourself with a scrubbing brush or a mop and scrub vigorously to remove stubborn traces.

2. Redesign the corners and nooks of the terrace

Once your facade is refreshed and your floor renovated, it’s time to rethink the layout of your terrace. Take the time to carefully observe your outdoor space and note down the corners that seem underused, as well as those where you enjoy relaxing.

Take advantage of angles and niches

Angles and niches are often overlooked in the design of a terrace, while they can offer valuable additional space. Take advantage of them to set up a small reading corner with a lounge chair or a hammock for example, or a relaxation area for children with a soft rug and some toys.

Enhance the transit areas

If your terrace is large, also consider utilizing the passageways (between two French doors for example) by installing a few planters or flower pots to add color and structure the space.

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3. Choose suitable and trendy furniture

The choice of furniture is essential to fully enjoy your terrace during the sunny days. You will need to take into account several criteria: the size of your space, your budget, but also your tastes and those of your family.

Prioritize functional furniture

Opt for compact furniture that’s easy to move if your terrace is small, or if you often change the arrangement of your outdoor space. Folding tables, for example, are ideal for adapting to different situations: meals with friends, aperitifs, outdoor games…

Do not neglect comfort

Even if you love design and aesthetics, don’t forget the practical and comfortable side to make the most of your terrace. Vary the seating (chairs, armchairs, poufs…), choose weather-resistant materials and adapt to everyone’s needs (footrests for grandparents, hanging chairs for children…).

4. Add a touch of greenery for a “garden” effect

Adding a green touch to your terrace not only creates a pleasant and soothing atmosphere, but also enhances the sense of intimacy. So do not neglect the presence of plants in the layout of your outdoor space.

Play with height

To energize your terrace and highlight certain areas, consider installing planters of different heights or hanging a few pots. This tip will bring some depth to your outdoor space and give you the feeling of being in the middle of nature.

Choose your plants carefully

Before embarking on the purchase of your plants, take the time to thoroughly study the living conditions that your terrace offers: exposure to the sun, presence of wind… Opt for species capable of thriving in this context and also consider their ease of maintenance (watering, pruning…).

5. Perform a thorough spring cleaning

Finally, after reconsidering your layout and giving your facade and your floor a second youth, do not forget to proceed with a full cleaning of your entire outdoor space.

Sort and Store

Take this opportunity to sort through all the equipment accumulated during the winter: gardening tools, toys, cushions… Recover what can be recovered and throw away or donate the rest. Also consider investing in storage solutions that are suitable to never leave your belongings lying around again.

Wash the textiles and repaint if necessary

For your terrace to regain all its glow, do not forget to wash textiles (cushions, parasols…) and check the condition of your furniture: a coat of paint on a chair or a table can make all the difference.

By following these 5 tips, you will be ready to fully enjoy your terrace as soon as the good weather returns. All that’s left for you to do is to invite your friends and family to share these magical outdoor moments with them!

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