The Mas de Pierre Estate: the Provençal hotel where relaxation meets gastronomic excellence.

The Domaine du Mas de Pierre, nestled in the enchanting landscape of Saint-Paul-de-Vence, embodies a luxury haven within vibrant Provence. A prestigious member of Relais & Châteaux, this estate stands out for its harmony with nature, elegant architecture, and exceptional services. With its recent renovations in 2021, the estate has renewed its commitment to excellence and comfort, while preserving the charm and authenticity that characterizes the region.

Our recent stay at Mas de Pierre provided us with a privileged insight into a world of tranquility and beauty. Through this article, I invite you to discover, alongside me, the numerous facets of this Provençal gem: from the sumptuously appointed rooms to the gastronomic experiences rooted in the local terroir, and a spa that is a tribute to wellness.

An invitation to calm and tranquility

The arrival at the Domaine du Mas de Pierre marked the beginning of a long-awaited escape. After the first steps on the estate, a coffee at the bar offered this first gentle break, almost a welcome ritual, where one begins to relax the shoulders, to breathe more freely.

It was then while strolling through the estate that the contrast was felt: the noise of the world seemed to fade away, replaced by the rustle of the wind in the leaves and the captivating view of Saint-Paul-de-Vence. The beauty was not only in this panorama, but also in the details – each piece of art encountered told a story, each space renovated and decorated with care spoke of a deep respect for aesthetics and comfort.

This first impression already announced a tale of gradual relaxation and growing admiration for this unusual place.

Two (very) gourmet tables

At lunchtime, the Bistrot du Domaine du Mas de Pierre welcomes us with a promise of simplicity and elegance. The menu, bistro-style and seasonal, highlights refined yet accessible cuisine, emphasizing the importance of fresh and local products. Each dish, exquisitely prepared, is an ode to seasonality and the region, inviting a tasting full of discoveries, and desserts to die for.

When evening comes, the experience transforms under the aegis of Chef Maxime Lecomte, a 30 year old Burgundian with an international background. At La Table de Pierre, he infuses his cooking with influences gleaned from around the globe, creating dishes where Provence meets the world.

The tasting menu, a true culinary journey, reaches its pinnacle with a remarkable manioc beef, a dish that encapsulates the audacity and creativity of the chef. Using the estate’s vegetable garden to enrich his creations, Chef Lecomte makes every plate a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and a passion for authentic and surprising flavors.

A zen and relaxing bedroom

After a day filled with culinary and sensory discoveries, our night at the Domaine du Mas de Pierre promised to be just as restful. The suite in which we stayed, chosen from among the 76 rooms and suites offered by the estate, distributed across 10 distinct categories, embodied the very essence of discreet luxury and privacy. Equipped with a private outdoor area, it provided us with a haven of peace under the starry sky of Provence, a place where time seemed to stand still.

The interior of the suite was of the same caliber, with a superb bathroom accompanied by a spacious dressing room, reminiscent of the master suite we all dream of at home. Every detail of the decoration and layout seemed designed to offer comfort and elegance, starting with the excellent bedding, making this night a particularly restful experience.

In these 5-star hotels, it is often the details that make all the difference; and this time, this detail takes the form of an electric roller shutter, controllable from the bed, offering you perfect darkness, even in the morning, to enjoy a good night’s sleep!

Letting Go and Surrendering

After a restful night in the luxurious privacy of our suite, breakfast at Domaine du Mas de Pierre was a true feast. Varied and of high quality, it offered everything one could dream of to start the day on the best possible note, with a special mention for the smoked trout, a real treat. This gourmet moment set the foundation for a day focused on well-being and relaxation.

The visit to the brand new spa of the estate turned out to be a magical interlude. Right from the entrance, the olfactory identity “Volupté”, blending iris, sandalwood, and tuberose, enveloped the senses, encouraging letting go. A 60-minute full body massage was the climax of this escape, topped off with a visit to the steam room and the heated pool, where every tension seemed to dissolve, giving way to a deep sense of balance and serenity, and then leaving time suspended in the very zen rest area.

The hotel also has 4 pools in total, including one reserved for adults, and above all, its artificial lagoon that promises a unique experience on beautiful days.

A hotel for the whole family

At the Domaine du Mas de Pierre, the reception of the youngest is at the heart of the family experience with the Jardin d’Alice, a children’s club open during school holidays. Designed as a space for escape in the heart of nature, this club invites children to explore their creativity away from the gaze of their parents.

Inspired by the fanciful tale of “Alice in Wonderland”, it offers a 150 m² playground where giant mushrooms, magical cards, and a giant teapot take shelter, alongside caravans with a bohemian spirit for quieter activities.

Alice’s Garden is also a place of discovery and creation, with gardening workshops in the vegetable garden and creativity workshops, allowing children from 3 to 12 years old to express themselves and learn. The flexible hours and childcare options for lunch or dinner allow parents to fully enjoy their stay on the estate or their treatment at the SPA while knowing their children are flourishing and well taken care of by a dedicated team.

Until next time, certainly!

While it’s already time to leave the Domaine du Mas de Pierre, this stay has been an opportunity to fully experience a hotel that combines modern comfort with Provencal charm.

From the personalized welcome upon our arrival, through the delicious and local meals from chef Maxime Lecomte, to the relaxation provided by the spa and various swimming areas, every aspect of the stay contributed to a memorable experience.

This escape in the heart of Provence, rich in discoveries and moments of relaxation, leaves the desire to return and rediscover, season after season, the new features and constant pleasures offered by the Mas de Pierre.

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