These 3 new Orient Star watches will put stars in your eyes.

If you have already been told all the good things people think about Orient watches (like the recent Sun & Moon), the Japanese brand is also trying to make its mark in a higher-end segment through its Orient Star collections.

To dazzle us, she has just unveiled her new M collection with 3 watches inspired by the famous Messier star catalogue. Named M34, M42 and M45, these new references are a celebration of astronomical heritage through the prism of exceptional watchmaking craftsmanship.

Luxury watchmaking according to Orient

Since its foundation in 1950, Orient has established itself as an emblematic figure of precision and elegance in the world of watchmaking. The brand is moreover one of the most beautiful representatives of this sector in Japan, along with Citizen and Seiko (Orient also belongs to the latter).

With an unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, the company has developed a recognized expertise in the creation of mechanical watches, especially with its Orient Star division (founded as early as 1951) which offers a perfect fusion of traditional design and technological advances.

It is with this spirit that the M collections are born in 2024, marking a new stage in the evolution of the brand, while paying tribute to its rich heritage. M34, M42, M45: if the new Orient Star watches seem to have a mysterious name, their stellar inspiration brings a true touch of poetry.

Montre Orient-Star-M34-F7-Semi-Skeleton

M34: The Dynamism of Perseus

The M34 collection draws its inspiration from the Perseus star cluster, symbolizing courage and adventure. The bold design of this watch, with its case marked by sharp lines and genuine originality, reflects the dynamic and colorful light of the dawn.

Subtle but expressive, the colorful dial of the M34 illustrates Orient Star’s artisan expertise and commitment to top-notch mechanical watchmaking. A testament to the perfect harmony between aesthetics and technical precision, available at €1290.

Montre Orient Star M34 F7 Semi-Skeleton

M42: The Luminosity of a Nebula

The M42 draws inspiration from the Orion nebula, a brilliant star cluster named after the son of Poseidon. This watch is dedicated to diving enthusiasts who wish to combine heritage style with modern technology, as it is a reinterpretation of the 1964 Diver.

Orient Star has succeeded in integrating cutting-edge technological advances into this timepiece without giving up on the robust and reliable aesthetic that characterizes its diving watches for sixty years. Equipped with the automatic in-house 46-F6 F6N47 series movement, the M42 promises impeccable precision and a power reserve of over 50 hours (with an indicator on the dial), appealing to both adventurers of the depths and enthusiasts of mechanical precision.


M45: The Poetry of the Pleiades

Named in honor of the star cluster M45, better known as the Pleiades or “Seven Sisters,” the latest watch from this stellar triptych evokes “the celestial beauty that has captivated humanity for millennia”.

With its dials subtly tinted in white and blue, the M45 reflects the brilliance and purity of starlight. The leaf-shaped hands and Roman numeral indexes lend this watch a discreet elegance, while its design evokes the relentless passage of time, a tribute to Japanese watchmaking tradition and the timeless beauty of the night sky.

And in order to fully play the stellar card, Orient Star has logically incorporated a moon phase indicator into this very pretty watch

Montre Orient-Star-M45-F7-Mechanical-Moon-Phase

With these new M collections, Orient Star not only opens a new chapter, but also a real window to the universe, an invitation to explore celestial beauty through the prism of exceptional watchmaking. These new products will be available from Spring 2024, after an official first presentation at Inhorgenta Munich, from February 16 to 19.

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