Lingerie as a gift: 4 flawless tips to please your wife

Giving lingerie to a woman is a gift very common on Valentine’s Day. But also for other occasions. And it makes sense: it is appreciated as much by the one who receives it as by the one who gives it. Still, one must not make a mistake in one’s choices.

So, if you wish to gift lingerie to the love of your life on February 14th or any other date, follow these few tips.

1. Choosing the Right Bra Size

This is the first thing to do! Figure out the bra size, but also the underwear size.

If it is often a source of fantasies, the former is also the most mysterious, as there are two measurements to know: that of the cup depth and that of the chest circumference. The depth of the cup is given by a letter from A to F while the chest circumference is expressed in centimeters.

You can potentially look in the drawers or in the laundry basket. Do not hesitate to compare different products to be sure of the size to choose.

2. Consider the comfort and physique of the lady

Even if you find a set really beautiful, it may not necessarily be comfortable to wear or practical to maintain. Forget what is too fragile, too complex in favor of practicality and comfort.

The knots and bumps create lumps under tight-fitting clothes, while lace tends to scratch unless it is lined. Garter belts might be dreamy, but the practicality is not guaranteed. And to make it hold, you really need good quality.

Do not forget the morphology of the lucky recipient of your gift. If your wife has a small chest, the triangle bra is a good idea; for others, a balcony or basket model will be perfect.

For the bottom, know that the shorty is more appreciated than panties which itself is preferred over the thong. It might be sexy, but it seems that it’s not the most comfortable to wear!

3. Choose According to Your Tastes

The essential thing is that your beloved feels beautiful and comfortable in what she is going to wear. Take inspiration from what she already has in her drawers to choose the right lingerie. Is her lingerie rather simple, substantial, neutrally colored or, on the contrary, more colorful? By observing, you will know how to choose something that pleases her and also pleases you.

4. Stick to the classics or offer more daring lingerie

If your wife or partner never wears lingerie, it might be because of the price but perhaps also by choice. Find out discretely because a gift is supposed to be a pleasure.

In terms of colors, a light skin perfectly suits soft shades while a dark skin can allow anything except pastels that give a dull effect.

If you’re looking to give a gift for a brand new relationship, opt for classic comfort like a nightie or a bodysuit. It is both chic and timeless and you will be less likely to get it wrong.

If the relationship is already well established, you can afford to go for something sexier but that must remain “classy”: a beautiful set will do. And if the relationship is already old, stay chic but dare more. If you think she might like it, why not gift her a corset to break the routine?

In all cases, take care with the packaging and especially the ceremony when gifting your lingerie set. Then, you will receive your own gift by seeing her wear what you have chosen!

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