Byrne Gyro Dial Casino: this watch changes its dial every day!

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February 24, 2024 - #watch

Place your bets, no more bets! The mere mention of this phrase raises adrenaline, waiting for the ball to land on the right number. It already feels like Monaco or Las Vegas. However, this time, it’s in Geneva where an exciting game of casino is taking place, thanks to the two new versions of the Gyro Dial watch revealed by the young brand, Byrne Watch. Specialty: the dials change every day!

Byrne Watch wants to change the face of high-end watchmaking (and its watches)

One cannot say that Byrne Watch is a historical figure in Swiss watchmaking. Indeed, it was launched only 18 months ago during the Geneva Watch Days 2022. However, this was enough for it to catch the eye of many observers and to have already established itself as a brand to follow.

With its foundations anchored in innovation and creativity, it has been able to captivate renowned retailers around the world, with Byrne watches already being sold in Japan, the United States, Canada, and even in France.

The success of this young company is undoubtedly due to its passionate creator, John Byrne, who imagined for nearly 20 years the concept of his watch. Accompanied in this adventure by his wife Claire Byrne, the company’s CEO, the couple shares a long-term vision for the brand, centered around a unique concept: “1 watch, 4 faces”, making it a watch with four faces, whose dial changes daily.

Byrne Watch thus prides itself on presenting the first watch whose mechanical movement changes the dial design. “A world first in Swiss high-end watchmaking” and an innovative mechanism, seemingly simple in appearance but complex to achieve, which symbolizes the daring and inventive spirit of Byrne Watch.

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Byrne Watch Gyro Dial Casino

Two watches for a nice game of roulette

The “Casino” series, presented in two variants of the Gyro Dial watch, Midnight Blue and Jet Black, embodies the essence of gaming with elegance and innovation. Each features a dial capable of changing its face at midnight or noon, thanks to rotating cube indices (at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock), thus evoking the captivating atmosphere of casinos.

The Gyro Dial Midnight Blue offers subtle nuances with iconic casino “7” yellow numbers on an iridescent blue background, gray playing card symbols, and an alternation of Arabic numbers and “ghost” numbers for discreet and refined elegance.

Maintaining the same shape, with a titanium case measuring 41.7 x 48.1 mm in diameter, the Gyro Dial Jet Black features a black dial with the same yellow “7s”, as well as blazing card symbols in red against a black background, followed by white Arabic numbers and “ghost” numbers, combining boldness and mystery.

Beyond these numbers and symbols that change the dial design every day, we love the details of this watch, like the number 7 engraved on the winder in a casino spirit. To animate these two models, Byrne has therefore equipped them with an automatic winding mechanical movement developed in Switzerland, in Fleurier, at LTM 5555. Visible through the back of the case, it provides 60 hours of power reserve to the Gyro Dial.

Finally, the grained rubber bracelets, overstitched in red for the black model and in yellow for the blue model, add a touch of modernity and comfort.

With its Casino collection, Byrne Watch offers a unique watchmaking experience, where every day brings its share of novelty and surprise. Just like in front of the slot machine, we anxiously wait for the moment when the cubes will pivot to reveal their new face. In lieu of hearing chips fall, it allows for a reading of the time that is more playful than ever before.

Byrne Watch confirms in any case that Swiss watchmaking can still reinvent itself and that luxury was not necessarily synonymous with austerity. The two new versions of this Gyro Dial Casino are offered at a price of 18,000 CHF, which is just under 19,000 euros.

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