Single and Flourishing: How to Enjoy Life Without Being in a Relationship

Difficulty recovering from a romantic breakup or a need for freedom, the reasons for celibacy are diverse. If this lifestyle is becoming more and more trendy, many are those who only aspire to make new encounters. Whether one is in search of the soulmate or a fellow enthusiast of the solo lifestyle, everything is done to satisfy the singles.

One single status but two ways to approach celibacy

According to the latest census by INSEE dated 2018, 11 million French people would live alone. In summary, one in four people is single!

Celibacy? A deliberate choice…

Free, cultured, trendy… these are all adjectives used to describe the fans of single life. Self-proclaimed singles, they taste happiness by following their simple aspirations. To compensate for the lack of a spouse, they find the necessary social comfort in a broad circle of friends.

… but who ends up finding his limits

Sociologists estimate that only 4 % of single men navigate their entire existence of their own free will. But, they often get caught by the “spleen of the loners”, and the decision at first assumed can eventually become a burden as the years go by. The pleasure of independence and the desire to be in a couple coexist, and singles endlessly swing from one to the other.

Good deals for holidays

Going on vacation with friends when they are in a relationship is not always pleasant. Between the intimacy due to companions and the feeling of carrying the candle, there is only a step towards not feeling in one’s place. To avoid this kind of inconveniences while enjoying delicious stays, numerous travel agencies have specialized in holidays for singles.

Some offer group stays ranging from 6 to 20 people. Particular attention is given to parity between the two sexes. But let no one be mistaken, these trips are not a dating club. Based on the values of exchange, sharing and friendship, these getaways are a perfect remedy against holiday loneliness.

A vast choice of stays

The singles are spoiled for choice when it comes to the destinations and activities offered to them. From Greece to Iceland, passing through India or Egypt, there is something for everyone. For those whose desire for elsewhere is not on the agenda, outings or hikes are organized in the most beautiful regions of France. Holiday weeks or weekends, leisure or discoveries, holidays are no longer synonymous with inactivity and solitude.

When the need to dive back into a romantic relationship is felt, many singles do not really know to which saints they should turn. But again, there are multiple solutions.

Speed Dating

No need to introduce it, as its success is undeniable. Arrived in France in 2002, speed dating has become a real social phenomenon. The fact of meeting as many people as possible in a minimum amount of time has greatly contributed to the fame of this practice.

The after-works

When workdays are long and the speed dating scene is not appealing, it’s hard for a single person to go out and make connections. After-work events, literally “after work,” are an effective way to meet people. Organized earlier than conventional parties, they also end earlier. This allows workers to participate and enjoy their benefits without fearing the exhaustion from the day after a party.

Dating sites

Taking the first step is not easy for everyone. When shyness prevents playing the seduction card, seduction, dating sites present themselves as a good alternative. Making connections from a distance and under the cover of some anonymity, inhibitions are thus more easily lifted.

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