The 5 Valentine’s gifts you should definitely NOT give to a woman.

Let’s admit it, Valentine’s Day is a bit of a headache every year to find THE perfect gift. But what if we talked about faux pas? Yes, because sometimes, well-intentioned does not necessarily rhyme with well-inspired. So here is a little guide to the gifts you should absolutely not give to a woman for Valentine’s Day, to have a little laugh and save you from some disappointed sighs.

Whether you choose to go to the restaurant for a romantic dinner, to have a drink at home, or simply to snuggle up under the duvet, it is essential to avoid any faux pas so as not to spoil the evening!

Household appliances

Imagine the scene: “My love, to prove my passion, I offer you… a blender!”. Um, how to put it? Not very sexy. Even if it’s the latest trendy model, avoid turning love into an appliance. Valentine’s Day is the time to celebrate your duo, not to think about the next vegetable soup. Except… except if it’s really her who asked… and even then!

Too generic gift cards

Giving a gift card is sort of the wildcard when you’re out of ideas. But beware, the message can quickly become: “I don’t know what you would like, so figure it out yourself”. If you really go for a card, make sure it’s linked to a passion or interest of your significant other. Otherwise, it’s a bit like giving a blank check… to find inspiration elsewhere.

Promotional goodies

“Honey, I thought of you, here’s a pen from my last seminar.” Ah. Promotional items are a no. Even with the logo of the most chic hotel or the brand of the New Year’s Eve champagne, it still comes across as a gift that says: “It was free and I didn’t look any further.” Unless your partner collects gas station mugs, it’s best to avoid.

The too “practical” gifts

Socks? An antivirus for your computer? Practical, indeed, but for Valentine’s Day, it lacks a bit of magic. It’s like saying: “I love you, but don’t forget to update your PC”. We prefer to save these ideas for a surprise on a Tuesday night, not for the day dedicated to lovers.

Pets (without thorough consideration)

“Surprise, I’ve adopted an iguana for the two of us!” Uh, the thought is cute, but a pet is a long-term commitment that requires thought. Unless you are absolutely sure that your partner is dying for it (and that you are ready for the adventure together), it’s better to avoid surprises that breathe underwater or require daily walks in the rain.

In summary, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your other half how special they are. So, we put aside too mundane or practical ideas and look for that little something that will make their eyes shine. After all, the best gift is the attention we put into it, isn’t it?

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