Marriage Proposal: Should You Give In to the Tradition of the Engagement Ring?

If some wonder if the engagement still has relevance, others cannot imagine getting married without going through this symbolic step. But then, is an engagement ring really necessary to propose marriage?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. It really depends on the preferences of the people involved in the proposal. Some people believe that an engagement ring is an essential element of a marriage proposal, while others prefer not to have one. Ultimately, it’s up to the couple to decide what suits them best.

For the majority of us, the engagement ring is essential as it will be the symbol of your commitment to each other. Some think that an engagement ring is just a piece of jewelry, but it is actually much more than a pretty trinket.

What are engagements?

First of all, let’s ask ourselves what is an engagement? Engagement is the process of getting engaged to a person with whom we plan to get married in the future. Thus, the couple declares their intention to get married. An engagement ring is traditionally given during the marriage proposal, an engagement party, or an official ceremony where both partners declare publicly their intention to get married. The ring then symbolizes this commitment and serves as a token of their love.

The engagement ring thus indicates that the person wearing it will soon be getting married. In the West, it’s traditionally the man who gives a ring to his future wife, although more and more proposals are coming from women. Typically people opt for a “solitaire”, a ring simply adorned with a precious stone. The solitaire can be worn after the wedding, with the wedding band. That’s why it’s smart to buy your wedding band in relation to your solitaire, so the two rings perfectly harmonize. In France, the wedding band and solitaire are worn on the left ring finger.

Traditionally, the wedding took place within the year following the engagement, which is no longer really the case today. Likewise, engagements are not necessarily a religious act, we can more speak of a family tradition these days. Engagements are an opportunity for both families to meet and get to know each other. Celebrating your engagement is also a great way to involve friends who have supported you throughout your journey together!

Do men also receive an engagement ring?

When we see how engagement codes have evolved since ancient times, we can legitimately wonder if men can also receive an engagement ring.

Well yes, men can also receive an engagement ring, especially if it’s the woman who proposes, as we’re seeing more and more. Although the man’s ring is often less ornamented than the woman’s and not necessarily a diamond, it still symbolizes the commitment to each other. The man’s ring can also have a special meaning, for example be matching or complementary to the woman’s.

One should not confuse the engagement ring with the wedding band

An engagement ring is a symbol of courtship, love, and a promise for the future. It is worn before marriage. The role of a wedding ring is different: it signifies the official union of two people who have chosen to be united by marriage. Wedding rings are usually exchanged during the wedding ceremony, at the time of the ring ceremony. Men and women each have their own wedding ring, while the engagement ring is often reserved for women (although things are changing these days, and more and more men are wearing engagement rings!).

Making the Right Choice for an Engagement Ring

Choosing a piece of jewelry for your partner is not an easy task, even less so when it comes to an engagement ring! The marriage proposal is meant to be a surprise, so you can’t ask your better half for their opinion. However, be attentive when she talks about marriage, whether it’s in your circle, when you’re watching a movie or a series, or even when you’re shopping… She might provide some hints about her preferences in these moments.

If you are considering buying an engagement ring, there are a few important points to keep in mind.

First of all, make sure to buy a ring that fits your budget. It is natural to want the ring to be beautiful and unique, but it is just as important to consider your budget. It’s pointless to bankrupt yourself buying a ring… Engagement rings can be expensive, but it is important to remember that the most important thing is not the price of the ring, but rather the sentiment behind the gift.

Next, consider your partner’s preferences. It is wise to take into account the type of jewelry your partner usually wears and choose a style that complements their existing pieces. Does she prefer white or yellow gold? Diamonds or another precious stone?

Just like fashion, jewelry is subjected to trends and changes over the years. Today, 40% of engagement rings are made of white gold, and 80% of them are made of light-colored metals (silver, platinum, white gold).

The solitaire is the most traditional style of engagement ring. It consists of a single diamond surrounded by bands or metallic accents. This design has been popular for centuries as it is timeless, elegant, and simple, while standing out from other styles. Moreover, it pairs perfectly with the majority of wedding bands, without outshining them. On the other hand, an engagement ring can feature any number of diamonds or precious stones, depending on personal preferences.

For a man, why not opt for a signet ring or a thin band, which will be more discreet than the upcoming wedding ring?

An engagement ring is not just a piece of jewelry; it’s a symbol of your commitment to each other. When you buy an engagement ring, consider not only its design but also its symbolism – after all, it’s an object that will last through all the stages of your life as a couple! Whether you choose a classic solitaire or something more unique and modern, remember that it should reflect the personality of both partners so they can proudly display their love to everyone. Now, it’s your turn to play!

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