This zodiac sign that hides a fear of abandonment: between attachment and detachment

In astrology, each individual is influenced by their astrological sign. There is a particular sign that inherits a certain sensitivity related to the fear of abandonment. In this article, we will explore the different facets of this sign, its need for attachment and its capacity for detachment.

Understanding the fear of abandonment

The fear of abandonment is a deep-seated fear, ingrained in an individual’s subconscious, often stemming from their childhood. It can manifest in various ways, such as the incessant need to please others, emotional dependency, or even chaotic and unstable relationships. People suffering from this fear may also develop self-protection mechanisms to avoid reliving the anxiety felt during past abandonments.

The main sun sign concerned by this fear: Cancer

The zodiac sign that naturally tends to experience these fears is Cancer.

Native of the fourth astrological sign, the Cancer is ruled by the Moon, symbol of femininity, maternity, and protection. Those born under this sign are generally very sensitive, emotional, and empathetic. Love and security come before all else and these are fundamental values for the Cancer.

The fear of abandonment is therefore a natural reflex for people of this sign, who seek to establish deep and lasting ties in their relationships. Their desire to be loved and integrated into a family or a social group is particularly important.

The double-edged sword of attachment in Cancer

When his attachment takes over, the Cancer can exhibit sometimes suffocating behaviors towards his loved ones, caused by a constant fear of being abandoned. The person then becomes extremely dependent on the gaze and affection of others, both emotionally and materially.

Concrete manifestations of this fear

Here are some common indicators of fear of abandonment in natives of the Cancer sign:

  • His extreme sensitivity means that he easily feels the judgment of others and the slightest change in his relationships.
  • He tends to constantly seek approval and validation from his loved ones.
  • His generosity and availability to help others can be seen as a way to make himself indispensable.
  • He may have difficulty making decisions alone and often needs moral support to thrive.
  • His relationships can be scattered with tensions and uncertainties, due to his fears of being left or betrayed.

Cancer facing a toxic attachment

When they feel insecure, Cancer tends to develop excessive behaviors. This can lead to some relational difficulties:

  • Uncontrolled emotional explosions, often fueled by a misunderstanding of others’ actions.
  • An inclination towards manipulation to ensure that the other remains present in their life, even if it leads to temporary breakups.
  • Excessive expectations towards the people he loves, which can lead to frequent disappointments and a constant feeling of failure.

Detachment, a way to overcome this fear

If the Cancer native shows a natural propensity to fear of abandonment, it is possible to work on this aspect to adopt a more balanced attitude between attachment and detachment. Learning detachment should come from realizing that love is not synonymous with possession, and the ultimate goal should not be to please others, but rather, to learn to love oneself.

Tips for practicing detachment

Some strategies can help break this vicious circle:

  • Develop a better self-esteem to not be dependent on the perception of others.
  • Understand that one can feel good and fully live their life without constantly being surrounded by other people.
  • Working on one’s emotions and learning to express them in a more controlled manner, realizing that they don’t have to be endured by those around us.
  • Being autonomous, even in romantic relationships, by having personal projects and friends outside of your relationship.

It is essential to emphasize that it is not about completely repressing one’s sensitive and endearing nature, which would be harmful for Cancer, but rather to find a proper balance between these two aspects. This will allow those born under this sign to renew their vision of love and relationships, and to approach them with less fear and restraint.

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